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Annual Appeal 2015

This comment is one of Chloe’s earliest memories. They were the words spoken about Chloe by one primary school teacher to another. She didn’t even know what an alcoholic was. The comment was made because she was the only child in the class who didn’t know her home address. She was just 5 years old.

Chloe has lots of memories of her childhood. Her parents separated when she was just 2. She remembers trying to get her mum out of bed each morning, so she could help get her ready and take her to school. This happened most days, and most days she was late for school.

Chloe remembers the nights when she would ask her Grandma if she could stay up late. Chloe just wanted to see her mum and would wait for her mum to return home from her job as a bartender. Grandma would tuck her in to bed and reassure her that everything would be alright. Chloe still remembers the vivid nightmares she used to have of her mum lying dead across a bar, never to come home again. While her fears were never realised, Chloe’s childhood was filled with anxiety about her mum’s wellbeing and concern about being abandoned.




After a while, the local school crossing lady noticed what was happening and began to help Chloe get to school on time. One morning, the crossing lady brought another woman along with her. This would be a turning point. Chloe later guessed that she was a case worker from Child Protection, as the woman told her Mum that,

“if she didn’t get her act together, they would be taking
Chloe away from her.”

This was the catalyst her mum needed. They soon moved into a short-term, residential rehabilitation program together and Chloe’s mum began her journey to recovery.

This story is common among the families that Odyssey House works with in our programs but it doesn’t end there. While Chloe’s mum did overcome her drinking problem, find work, and go on to live a full and meaningful life, the effect on Chloe was longer lasting. She started her own counselling at age 8, but her issues with anxiety persisted. At age 17, Chloe came to see our Youth Services Team. She was smoking marijuana heavily and binge drinking every weekend. The evidence suggests that children like Chloe are at higher risk of developing their own addictions and mental health issues. However, following 2 months of work with Chloe, she has finally learned to manage her anxiety without turning to alcohol or other drugs, and she is much more positive about her future. So are we!

At Odyssey House, we know that families need support when someone has an addiction problem. Unfortunately, recent funding cuts have affected our Youth and Family Programs.  While we will continue to support families as best we can, we need your help.  As one of our supporters, we ask that you help break cycles of addiction by making a donation today.




Open Day at the Residential Therapeutic Community

Odyssey House Victoria’s Therapeutic Community offers residential rehabilitation for Drug and Alcohol treatment to adults, couples, and families with their children.
As part of our commitment to the Alcohol and Other Drug sector, we run 3 Open Days per year inviting workers, managers, and students, with a professional interest in our work, to come out to our facility for a tour and morning tea, followed by a Q&A session with our staff and residents.
The days for 2015 are as follows:
·       Thursday April 16th  10am – 12pm
·       Thursday July 23rd  10am – 12pm
·       Thursday October 15th  10am – 12pm
Expressions of interest can be forwarded to OpenDay@odyssey.org.au by no later than the Friday previous to the date you wish to attend. Numbers are limited, so get in early! You will be sent an email confirming your place in the week prior to each Open Day.




Odyssey House Victoria and UnitingCare ReGen have formed a partnership with a range of complementary local health and welfare services to deliver AOD treatment services in Melbourne's north and west from September 1st.  Current updates for clients and service providers about the changes are listed below. Further updates will be posted as they become available.

Download the updates here:

Service Provider Update 1 - Intake and Assessment

Service Provider Update 2 - Governance and Accountability

Consumer Update 1 - Summary Information

Consumer Update 1 - Detailed Information



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With your help, we can make a difference to the families and individuals affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

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Artwork inspired by Chris Thorne.  There are five pillars that are upheld by the residents and staff at Odyssey House Victoria.

This artwork represents counting these pillars on one hand. They are Respect, Concern, Honesty, Trust and Love.


We acknowledge the traditional land owners of Australia and we welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to our service.

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