ODYSSEY HOUSE VICTORIA: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Training & Support

An Addition to the Executive Team

As a result of significant State Government investment, our Community Services have expanded considerably. We are now present in around 30 locations across Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. We provide intake and assessment; counselling and case management; overdose prevention; family reunification; family violence capacity building. We also provide youth and family services and specialist family support in the form of our Kids in Focus program, and we as a Registered Training Organisation. In view of this growth, we now welcome Peter Matthews into the position of Executive Manager, Community AOD Programs.

Peter joined Odyssey House Victoria 20 years ago as a therapist at our residential rehabilitation program. He brought with him considerable experience in men’s behaviour change and men’s violence programs. He says he loved the beautiful healing environment at the rehab’ and thought it was ‘mind-blowing’ in terms of the work they did and the scale of the program. Peter says that at the time he joined Odyssey House, Australia was experiencing a flood of cheap heroin and many young people were becoming addicted. He reflects on the sadness of seeing some clients pass away when they left the program after reverting to their drug use but says

“On the whole, the optimism of people entering the program and going on to do so well in the outside world was great to see.”

Peter’s career at Odyssey House has been wide and varied. In addition to his role as therapist, he managed the Supported Accommodation, Financial Counselling and Employment programs, to name just a few, and more recently was the North West Catchment Manager for our AOD Programs. Peter says ‘I have loved working with some of the most amazing non-judgemental people and I have enjoyed supporting staff to grow and develop their own skills and confidence.’