ODYSSEY HOUSE VICTORIA: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Training & Support

Deakin Uni Partnership

Deakin University has been delivering research expertise to Odyssey House Victoria for years: In 1992 Professor John Toumbourou started his PhD on our residential rehabilitation program and more recently has been conducting an evaluation of the Pharmacotherapy program. Over the last decade, Associate Professor Petra Staiger has led and published several research projects with Odyssey House, including on social anxiety, alcohol interventions and Therapeutic Community Outcomes, and on our Family Eclipse Program.

In 2017 the Odyssey/Deakin research partnership was formed with an innovative three year plan to create greater opportunities for Odyssey and Deakin to work together. Dr Ashlee Curtis and Dr Paul Liknaitzky have been appointed to joint Odyssey/Deakin positions to support an ambitious research agenda and involve more Deakin students in Odyssey research and practice. The team meets monthly and is currently working with Ashlee to develop and implement an effective intervention for people who engage in domestic violence. Paul has created a streamlined process for managing our client surveys and supports program evaluation at Odyssey. We anticipate great things (and many publications) from this partnership.