ODYSSEY HOUSE VICTORIA: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Training & Support

Discovery Hits the Mark

In late 2014, the Victorian Government funded Odyssey House, in conjunction with Anglicare, to run our Discovery Day Program based in Werribee.

Discovery is an intensive program of psycho-educational groups and activities over a 5-week period, and is specifically targeted to people who have significant problems with ice or other drugs. To date, the service has received more than 270 referrals and 70 have already completed the program.

Seventy-five per cent of people attending the Discovery program still live in a family context and are stable enough to manage the daily commute. The addition of a regional/accessible non-residential intensive treatment has given them a treatment option that enables them to remain within the supportive environment of their family/home: a critical component of their recovery. Their families are supported to be partners in their loved ones’ Discovery treatment: assisted to understand the treatment process; engaged in the program at key points; joining in celebrating achievements; and offered individual support. In this way we work to provide a better supported and supportive home environment for our participants.

All participants have ceased or significantly reduced their substance use during the program with a number of participants going on to study or gain full-time employment or volunteering opportunities and a number have had their children returned to their care.

Discovery also plans to run a session in Melton later this year, and is similar to attending other Day programs run with Odyssey in Geelong and Shepparton.