ODYSSEY HOUSE VICTORIA: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Training & Support

Hope is Ignited

In 2016, Odyssey House Victoria (OHV) was approached by a group of community members from Gippsland wanting to discuss the feasibility of establishing a Rehabilitation and Training facility, the Hope Restart and Education Centre. A public meeting, attended by our CEO, was held in Bairnsdale indicating a need and a will for a centre to be established locally.

The Victorian State Government has recently announced its commitment to the operational funding for OHV to run the Hope Restart Centre in Bairnsdale. Committing to around $1.8million per annum for the much-needed residential rehabilitation program starting in 2019. Plans are underway to begin construction in February 2019 once the remaining capital funds are secured.

Pictured above: Odyssey House CEO Dr Stefan Gruenert, Co-Founder Hope Restart Peter Down and Minister for Housing, Disability, Ageing, Mental Health, Equality and Creative Industries Martin Foley examining the plans on site near Bairnsdale.