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Catchment Based Planning


Welcome to the North & West AOD Partnership Catchment Based Planning page.
This page provides links to a number of useful resources for AOD services and other service providers working across the North & West metro regions of Melbourne.

AOD Catchment Based Planning
North & West Metropolitan Melbourne Region

This document should be read in conjunction with the extensive analyses detailed in the 2015 Catchment Based Plans (2015 document).

What is Catchment Based Planning?

Catchment Based Planning (CBP) is a systematic way to understand our local communities and the services they require.  Catchment planners are based locally, and work to understand the AOD service needs of our catchments; ensuring that AOD treatment services are: in the right locations; delivering the right mix of services; and coordinated effectively with the other services our clients need.
This information has been designed to inform AOD and other community service providers, organisations responsible for health service commissioning, as well as service managers and planners for project scoping and other decisions relating to service provision.


Catchment Summaries

You can access the updated catchment summaries individually:
For summaries specific to our 14 local council areas, please click here.

Information Sheets

Information sheets for the North & West Metro Region are available on the following topics:
Further information sheets are in development, focusing on Forensic clients, Client pathways, Service Mapping, LGBTQIA+ clients and Young people.  Please feel free to contact us if there is a specific topic you would like more information on.

Local Government Area Summaries

Short, usable snapshots of measures and trends related to AOD and Mental Health.  Organised by Local Council Area, these summarise demographic, socio-economic and health-related data through AOD and mental-health lenses.

Please direct any enquiries to:

Louise Richardson, Health Service Planner
North & West AOD Partnership
Odyssey House Victoria / UnitingCare ReGen
e: lrichardson@odyssey.org.au
p: 0437 503 870