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Publications and reports

Odyssey House: Building Resilience in Schools: An Evaluation Report 2019

This report provides an overview of how the Building Resilience in Schools program operates to build resilience in young people in relation to substance use and mental health.Read More »

Counting the Kids Evaluation

An evaluation of the Counting the Kids program, which provides specialist outreach child, parenting and family support to marginalised families coping with parental alcohol and other drug problems, in addition to issues such as mental health, poverty and family violence.Read More »

Vietnamese Alcohol Use and Consequences – Summary Report: June 2009

This research conducted by Odyssey House Victoria, in partnership with the University of Melbourne and the Quang Minh Temple, explored patterns of alcohol consumption and associated alcohol related harms within the Vietnamese community of Melbourne.Read More »

Vietnamese Playgroup Evaluation – April 2009

An evaluation conducted by Odyssey House Victoria of the supported playgroup for children and their Vietnamese parents struggling with alcohol and other drug addiction.Read More »

Financial Counselling Evaluation Report - 2008

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the implementation and development of the Financial Counselling Program at Odyssey House Victoria, inclusive of  individual casework, No Interest Loan Scheme, fine program and financial literacy workshops.Read More »

YSAS Odyssey House Victoria – Drug and Alcohol Response Teams Brief

Drug and Alcohol Response Teams (DARTs) are a multifaceted, place-based solution to increasing levels drug and alcohol problems experienced by young people, families and communities across Victoria. DARTs bring together all key stakeholders in communities to provide an integrated, carefully targeted and localised response aimed at intervening as early as possible to ensure that alcohol and other drug problems are prevented or dealt with effectively.Read More »

Counting the Kids Brokerage Fund - 2008

An evaluation by the Australian Centre for Child Protection of the Counting the Kids Brokerage Fund which provides opportunities and material goods for children whose parents has or is recovering from a drug or alcohol problem.Read More »

Nobody’s Client Project

This report documents the needs of children whose parents were receiving treatment for drug and alcohol problems.Read More »

Odyssey House Youth Roundtable Report - 2015

The purpose of this roundtable report is to present the key themes, ideas and recommendations generated by the roundtable meeting delegates. It is not intended to be a comprehensive account of the issues. It highlights some of the current needs of, and challenges faced by, students and the education system and a range of possible solutions identified by delegates at the roundtable meeting. It should be noted that all of the perspectives and comments throughout this report reflect those of the roundtable meeting delegates. However, none are attributed to any individual as the roundtable was conducted under Chatham House rules to facilitate a full and frank discussion of the issues.Read More »

Family Eclipse Evaluation Summary Report - 2014

The Family Eclipse Program works with young people with co-occurring mental health and substance use issues together with their family. This program is an Australian first; independent evaluation by Deakin University, involving three points of data collection including 3 month follow-up, found statistically significant and in most cases clinically relevant improvements in family functioning, mental health and quality of life after attending the Family Eclipse program.Read More »

Family Eclipse Evaluation Report - 2010

The Family Eclipse Project was established in 2008 to provide improved outcomes for young people with substance use and mental health issues and their families. The project arose from a growing awareness of the need for services for affected families, which not only assists families to develop coping strategies, but also educates them about the interaction between mental illness, substance abuse and family dynamics. This program has a unique mandate and plays an important role in enhancing family inclusive practice within this target group. The attached report is an evaluation of the project undertaken by Deakin University.Read More »

Stonnington Youth Partners Project Report

This report provides an overview of the Stonnington Youth  Partners Project. This innovative project, funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, brought together key youth agencies in the Inner South entertainment precinct of Melbourne with the aim to better address the high rates of youth alcohol and other drug related harm in the area. The report provides an overview of the project; its research into service integration, piloting of coordinated service activities and the partners’ recommendations to develop a coordinated youth services model for the City of Stonnington.  The project partners were Odyssey House Victoria; Victoria Police; City of Stonnington and TaskForce Community Agency.Read More »

Economic Impact of Residential Treatment for Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction in a Therapeutic Community

A Therapeutic Community (TC) is a form of Residential Rehabilitation that is used to treat alcohol and other drug problems.  Such Communities are common across Australia and throughout the world.  Odyssey House Victoria (OHV) operates such a program at its premises in Melbourne, Australia.Read More »

Other resources

Drug Use in the Family

Australian National Council on Drugs Nov 2006.Read More »

Supporting Families of Young People with Problematic Drug Use

Australian National Council on Drugs 2008.Read More »

Supported Play Group Evaluation - 2009

Evaluation findings from a supported play group project that focussed on families of Vietnamese background.Read More »

The Family Focus Toolkit

Eastern Drug and Alcohol Service.Read More »

Tools for Change

A New Way of Working with Families and Carers – Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (NADA).Read More »

Drug Guide For Parents

Learn The Facts To Keep Your Teen Safe.Read More »

Alcohol And Drugs: Tips For Parents

What can you do to help your children?Read More »

Teenagers And Alcohol: A Guide For Parents

This booklet contains information to help parents and guardians discuss and manage alcohol use by teenagers.Read More »

Standard Drinking Chart

Chart showing number of standard drinks for beer, wine and spirits.Read More »

A Guide For Parents – Celebrate Safely, Look After Your Mates

Brochure detailing information about teenage parties and how parents can play a role.Read More »

Young People, Parents And Drugs: Some Commonly Asked Questions

Brochure providing drug information and tips for parents for talking to their children about drugs.Read More »

The Impact Of Drug And Alcohol Misuse On Children And Families

The purpose of this report is to explore what is known about the incidence and prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse in families with child and the impact of this on children.Read More »

Brighter Futures Practice Resource – Drug and Alcohol Vulnerability

This report describes the drug and alcohol (or substance) use is seen as vulnerability when it adversely affects parenting capacity and therefore impacts in the well being and safety of children.Read More »

The Relationship Between Parental Alcohol Or Other Drug Problems And child Maltreatment

This report summarises the relationship between parental alcohol or other drug problems and child maltreatment.Read More »

Alcohol Abuse As A Risk Factor For And Consequence Of Child Abuse

This report details Alcohol Abuse as A Risk Factor For And Consequence Of Child Abuse.Read More »

Alcohol And Other Drugs (AOD) Services For Families Affected By Substance Use

Web-based and telephone support for families.Read More »

Facts For Kids About Drug And Alcohol Use and Abuse

What you should know about drugs and alcohol.Read More »

Parent Talk Kit

This Talk Kit is provided with ideas on how to start talking, scripts on what to say, and tips for answering tough questions, this kit can help you keep the child in your life healthy and drug-free.Read More »

Strong Bonds Fact Sheet: Parents Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Information on different approaches to alcohol and drugs treatment.Read More »

Alcohol Violence: Child Maltreatment And Alcohol

This fact sheet details the role of harmful alcohol consumption in child maltreatment; its lifelong impact on alcohol use patterns in people who were maltreated as children, and the role of public health in prevention.Read More »

Australian Guidelines To reduce Health Risks From Drinking Alcohol

These 2009 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines aim to establish the evidence base for future policies and community materials on reducing the health risks that arise from drinking alcohol. The guidelines communicate evidence concerning these risks to the Australian community to allow individuals to make informed decisions regarding the amount of alcohol that they choose to drink.Read More »