ODYSSEY HOUSE VICTORIA: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Training & Support



Federal Government sites

Australian Alcohol Guidelines
Australian Drug Information Network
Australian Department of Health and Ageing
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
National Alcohol Campaign
National Health and Medical Research Council

State and Territory Government sites

Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

Drug information

Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia
Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation
Australian Drug Foundation
Australian National Council on Drugs
Centre for Youth Drug Studies
Community Alcohol Action Network
DrugInfo Clearinghouse
Indigenous Australian Alcohol and Other Drug Databases
National Drug and Alcohol Research Council
Register of Australian Drug and Alcohol Research
Neighbourhood Justice Centre Collingwood

Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN)
This site offers internet-based alcohol and drug information including dual diagnosis, resources for schools (parents, students, teachers), multicultural services, young people and links to sites around the world offering access to research, resources and services.

Australian Drug Foundation
This website provide easy access to information about alcohol and other drugs, and drug prevention including current events, media coverage about alcohol and other drugs and some contact telephone numbers for information and counselling, as well as links to other sites.

Reconnexion is a statewide counselling and telephone information service that specialises in the treatment of tranquiliser dependency (Benzodiazepines and analgesics), anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and panic attacks. The Reconnexion website offers fact sheets plus information about group therapy programs and counselling services. Education and training opportunities are listed for health professionals.

Many websites for people with mental health issues have sections for families, friends and carers but there is also a dedicated organisation:

Association of Relatives and Friends of the Emotionally and Mentally Ill (ARAFEMI)
ARAFEMI Carer Helpline: 1300 550 265
9am- 5pm, Monday to Friday
This is a well known organisation and their website offers links, information, resources, a regular newsletter, workshops, research, an events calendar and more. The helpline also provides free, confidential information, support, referral, and education options for family, carers, and friends of people with a mental illness. Health professionals and other interested groups may also use this service to find out about supporting families and carers in the community. The people answering the phone are trained, supervised and supported by ARAFEMI Family Support staff.

Mental health services

Neami National

Neami National is a community-based mental health service supporting people living with mental illness to improve their health, live independently and pursue a life based on their own strengths, values and goals. We work in a positive framework and believe that recovery is an individual process, and that with the right kind of support a person can move towards a life that matches their own values.Go to site »

Mental Illness Fellowship

This website is for anyone affected by a mental illness and includes opportunities to volunteer and support campaigns, fact sheets, a helpline (with a call back service for country callers), a magazine and newsletter.Go to site »

SANE Australia

Sane is a service that campaigns for improved attitudes towards and services for people affected by mental illness. The site provides information and resources, an online bookshop, a helpline, an e-mail update service, and ‘Stigmawatch’ which reports on examples of negative and positive portrayals of mental illness in the media. Information and advice is available on the helpline for anyone affected by mental illness. You can also request a free InfoPack.


SANE Australia Helpline– 1800 68 83 82
9am- 5pm, Monday to FridayGo to site »

Department of Human Services - Mental Health

This is a Victorian government website from the Department of Human Services. It includes contact details, maps and descriptions of mental health services, including state-wide, specialist and forensic (related to the court) services and a link to another DHS website – Drugs and related services.Go to site »

Mental Health Advice Line

The Mental Health Advice Line provides immediate mental health advice from a registered mental health professional. This one number from anywhere in Victoria provides fast access to clear expert advice, referral and information about all mental health issues.
Note: Calls from anywhere in Victoria are charged at the cost of a local call (mobile phones may be charged at a higher rate).

1300 280 737 (state-wide)
24 hours a day, seven days a week

Mensline Australia

Mensline Australia is a dedicated service for men with relationship and family concerns. It is confidential and anonymous. For the cost of a local call (except mobiles), it operates Australia-wide using trained professionals, and is available to all men.

1300 78 99 78
24 hours a day, seven days a week

Inner Urban East Psychiatric Triage

This service offers information, assessment and referral for people with suspected mental health issues.

1300 558 862
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Suicide Helpline Victoria

The Suicide Helpline is for people who are thinking about suicide, for those who are worried about someone else and for those who have been affected by suicidal behaviour. It operates with qualified paid staff and volunteers, who receive training and supervision.

1300 651 251
24 hours a day, 7 days a week


This national website provides a range of resources covering depression, anxiety, bipolar mood disorder and postnatal depression including symptom checklists, information & research, resources, links to other sites, referrals and resources in 27 languages.

Information line: 1300 22 4636Go to site »


This site provides a space for people affected by depression and anxiety to exchange ideas and experiences, and get information and support. It is a way of connecting up with people who have some understanding of what someone with depression or anxiety (or both) might be feeling and this is done in a variety of ways including a chat room, an online diary and a gallery of art work. It also includes practical information for relatives and friends including how they can help.Go to site »

Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Institute is a educational and research facility offering expertise in depression and bipolar disorder with pages for the general public and for health professionals. It includes fact sheets, mood charts, training opportunities, information about clinics and some unusual touches, such as ‘e-cards’ for depression (sending someone a card to acknowledge what they are feeling).Go to site »

Bipolar Mood Disorder

This website includes a self assessment questionnaire (online or downloadable), information, resources eg. a mood diary that can be downloaded, information for friends and relatives and a newsletter.Go to site »

Anxiety Recovery Centre

This website has information about Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCVic) and its services, information about anxiety disorders recommended links to other sites and a contact number to get help. ARCVic is a state-wide, specialist mental health organisation that provides support, recovery and educational services to people and families living with anxiety disorders. The site also offers information about support groups, a social group, a pen pal service and a group to support OCD family and carers.Go to site »

Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria

This site provides support and information for people with anxiety or depression. It includes personal stories, a discussion board, referral information, factsheets, social events, reviews and information about workshops, lectures and community programs, an online store, interactive resources for adolescents and self help resources.Go to site »

Anxiety Australia

Information about a variety of anxiety disorders is on this site, including a large number of anxiety-related links that are divided according to topic, plus information about the different types of anxiety, treatment and a psychologist referral service.Go to site »


This is a modern, colourful, multimedia website created particularly for young people and has a lot of information relevant to them including general information, information about where to get help, events, news, downloads and stories.Go to site »

Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria

This website provides information, advocacy, recovery stories, information about signs and symptoms, treatment options, an online shop, links to relevant sites, and different sections for people with an eating disorder, carers, friends, family and professionals.

Helpline     (03) 9885 0318 or 1300 550 236 (toll free)
Monday, to Friday from 9.30am to 5.00pmGo to site »