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Work is underway to create a new Child and Family Centre at our Residential Rehabilitation facility in Lower Plenty.

The demand for our services over recent years has increased significantly, and funding for our Residential Rehabilitation facility has been increased by Government to help us cope with additional numbers. In addition to the extra space needed for beds, an increase in residents has had a flow-on effect to other areas such as counselling rooms, bathrooms, and space for families.

Thirty of our 112 beds are allocated specifically to families, but we also have parents who do not have their children living with them whilst going through the program. Weekend stays are actively encouraged for these children, as well as stays during the school holidays.

To create further space in our main building, and to better accommodate the needs of families and children, construction has begun on a purpose-built Child and Family Centre nestled within the heart of our family units. This will create an entire area dedicated to families and will include a specific space for childcare. The Centre will be used by pre-school children while parents attend daily job functions and has a dedicated space for sleeping babies; observation rooms; counselling rooms and an after-school tuition/homework space as well as an office for the family centre staff.

To date, we have received no additional funding for this and need $750k to complete the project. If you would like to know more about the Child and Family Centre, or make a donation towards it, please contact our Director, Development, Janet Beaumont on 03 9420 7633.