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Making headway at headspace Melton

Since the opening of our Melton headspace centre in September last year, we have been seeing lots of young people from across that region walk through our doors. It’s great to be involved in a service that provides an all-round service to young people addressing their needs in terms of mental health, alcohol and other drug problems, housing, health, employment and family issues. We wouldn’t be able to do that without the support of our consortium partners who are Djerriwarrh Health Services, Mackillop Family Services, Cohealth Ltd, Hope Street Services, Youth Projects and The North West Area Mental Health. The Melton City Council has also been very supportive and has a strong interest in enhancing the wellbeing of young people and their families.

The centre was officially launched in late October 2018 by Senator Jane Hume. The launch was also attended by City of Melton Mayor Bob Turner, headspace National CEO Jason Trethowan and Dr Ines Rio from our funders, North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network. They were accompanied by independent Chair Dennis Armfield and Youth Co-Chair Amy Caruana.

Since the launch, we have been seeing more young people than the national average across other headspace centres as well as seeing a younger demographic starting at 12 years of age. The mental health issues that young people are presenting with are more severe than the national average and indicate that we are meeting an unmet need in the area. Word of mouth by people who know our service, or who have used our service, are the main source of referral of young people coming for an appointment, which means that news is travelling fast about our great work.