ODYSSEY HOUSE VICTORIA: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Training & Support

New Programs for Odyssey

Overdose Prevention Program
Funded by the Victorian State Government in recognition of the state’s growing rate of fatal and non-fatal Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) overdoses, the program has a strong focus on harm reduction, treatment and support. Clients accessing the service are those who use all AOD substances that have overdose related harms, for example alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, GHB, amphetamines and synthetic cannabis.


Family Reunification
This program enables parents who are required to undergo AOD treatment as part of their children’s Family Reunification Order (FRO) to access timely treatment, in order to maximise their chances of reuniting with their children in the time frame of the order.

Both of these services will be provided through our North & West AOD Service and with our Stepping Up consortium.


Odyssey House has also been funded to run a new forensic alcohol and other drug program called KickStart and is currently delivering this program to males (who have been through the justice system and whose offending is related to their addiction). This is a pilot program until June 2019.

There are different elements to this program. KickStart G42 is a moderate to high intensity 42-hour group-based treatment. This program targets both substance use and offending. There is also a shorter, less intense version of the group that runs for 24 hours known as G24 which is a group-based program. This is targeted at those with lower-risk drug use and for those with a lower-risk of re-offending. There are also individual sessions within the program which have been designed for offenders who are eligible for KickStart groups, but are unable to participate in the group program due to being unsuitable for group work for individual reasons. These sessions run for 15 hours or 8 hours. Odyssey is delivering Kickstart in Footscray and Dandenong.