ODYSSEY HOUSE VICTORIA: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Training & Support

Peter Matthews

Executive Manager, Community AOD Programs

Peter has worked in the Health and Welfare field for over 35 years. Initially trained as a Social Worker, he has completed a Psychology Degree, and more recently a Health Services Management Diploma. He has worked in the areas of child welfare, general counselling, training and a significant time in the Men’s Behaviour Change area. He was one of the original members of No To Violence & the Men’s Referral Service.

Peter joined Odyssey House Victoria, 20 years ago as a Senior Therapist at the Residential Rehabilitation Program. Since then his career at Odyssey House has been wide and varied. In addition to his role as therapist, he managed the Supported Accommodation, Financial Counselling and Employment programs, to name just a few, and more recently was the North West Catchment Manager for our AOD Programs. Peter says ‘I have loved working with some of the most amazing non-judgemental people and I have enjoyed supporting staff to grow and develop their own skills and confidence.’