ODYSSEY HOUSE VICTORIA: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Training & Support

University Graduate Program

We have developed a twelve-month graduate program that commenced in January 2018. The program is a response to the ongoing sector-wide challenge of attracting and retaining qualified staff. Work placements with Odyssey House Victoria (OHV) are in high demand however, they have been largely ad hoc and unstructured, resulting in a low return on the investment of the organisation and the work of staff in facilitating these placements. The pilot graduate program has been developed to assist in addressing these challenges and to attract and retain quality talent with the right values.

Two graduates commenced with Odyssey House in late January 2018. Each graduate has undertaken one of two specialised streams, Community Services and Residential Treatment Services, though the program has been designed to ensure exposure to a variety of programs across OHV.

The program has been designed to allow for exposure to a variety of program areas including intake and assessment, care and recovery, residential treatment and complex care.

Each graduate will have five rotations of six to twelve weeks in order to maximise productivity and continuity. The graduates will not be placed at the same site at the same time in order to avoid overloading staff.

To evaluate the program, the Graduates and staff involved will be surveyed to understand their experiences and opportunities for improvements. During performance reviews, as well as at nine and twelve months, the graduates will have an opportunity to reflect on the program and to provide suggestions for changes to the program in future years. The graduates will also meet quarterly with our CEO to share their experiences and give feedback. OHV will produce a short video exploring the program and the graduates’ experiences, which will be used to promote the program to future graduates and the sector, and to seek funding and partnership opportunities for subsequent years. Applications for next year’s program are now open, you can find more details here.