ODYSSEY HOUSE VICTORIA: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment, Training & Support

Financial Counselling


Odyssey House Victoria offers financial counselling to individuals with alcohol and other drug problems who are also experiencing financial hardship. We also offer financial counselling to those with gambling problems.

Service updates

Due to current restrictions, Odyssey community services are operating with some modifications.


  • Financial Counselling currently has limited capacity and new referrals are on hold
  • New clients seeking support should be referred to the National Debit Helpline on 1800 007 007.


Odyssey House Victoria offers a Financial Counselling Program to individuals with alcohol and other drug problems who are also experiencing financial hardship. We also offer financial counselling to those with gambling problems.
The program helps individuals to identify, prioritise and then address any financial problems, and to decrease the stress and anxiety they are experiencing by developing new strategies to better manage their money. Our financial counsellors are able to advocate on clients behalf to assist in gaining better outcomes with institutions, creditors and debt collectors.

A qualified financial counsellor assesses each person’s situation and tailors an individual plan with a range of options and support. Odyssey House also helps negotiate with creditors.


This is a free service.

The program is best suited to individuals who are:

  • not able to pay fines
  • drowning in debt
  • experiencing creditor harassment
  • having problems negotiating with creditors
  • not confident in managing money
  • pretending that their debts don’t exist