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Drink & Drug Driving Education


Odyssey House Victoria is Behaviour Change Program provider, accredited by VicRoads.  We assist people who have lost their license by providing Driver Education Programs.


Odyssey House Victoria is a Drink/Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program provider, accredited by VicRoads. We assist people who have lost their license by providing Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Programs.

Delivery Locations

Currently, we offer Behaviour Change Programs out of Footscray (202 Nicholson St, Footscray) and Richmond (15 Barnet Way, Richmond) locations.  We are planning to offer programs from additional metropolitan locations in the future, when that occurs we will list the additional locations here.


We cannot reserve your place in a Program until you make full payment. We ask that participants pay their entire course fee in advance via card, online or over the phone.  To discuss, contact the Coordinator on (03) 8537 7115.


For those who recorded an offence on or after 30 April 2018

Payment typeFeeNotes
Full Fee paying$350Includes $67 VicRoads Program Cost Recovery Fee
Concession rate$290Includes $34 Vic Roads Program Recovery Fee

Please Note: To access concession rates you must provide a valid form of concession during your application (online or over phone) and bring the concession card to the first session

For those who recorded their original offence before 30 April 2018

Full Fee paying$283

Excludes the $67 VicRoads Program Cost Recovery Fee

Please Note: From 30 April 2019 all applicants must pay the VicRoads Program Cost Recovery Fee regardless of when the recorded their offence.

Cancellations or Transfers may incur an additional charges for administration, etc. (Please read Cancellations, Refunds and Transfers below).

When attending the Behaviour Change Program

  • Participants must bring the letter they received from VicRoads confirming their need to attend the Behaviour Change Program, if they received one.
  • We will require photographic ID that identifies you and your current address, as registered with VicRoads.  (If you need to bring additional evidence to demonstrate your identity and current address, please read VicRoads’ standards of acceptable identity documents.

Conditions of Attendance

  • Attend and participate unaffected by alcohol or other drugs.
  • Attend on time – check the commencement times advertised for each session and allow time for travel and for checking concessions if applicable.
  • You must attend both sessions to complete the program. If you miss a group session and/or cancel, this will incur additional costs.
  • It is expected that all participants contribute to a safe and inclusive therapeutic environment.
  • Disruptive and aggressive behaviour is not acceptable and will result in expulsion from the group.
  • We request that all participants respect the rights and privacy of other group members and do not disclose personal information of other group members to people outside of the program (particularly information that would identify people, such as names).

Cancellations and Refunds Policy

You must advise us of your need to cancel your place in a program at least 5 business days before the commencement of your first session to be able to receive a refund. If you fail to inform us of the cancellation with less than 5 business days’ notice before the first session, then we will retain a $100 cancellation fee.

Consider if you wish to Cancel your place or transfer to another session – see Transfers Policy below.

Transfers Policy

Please note that your payment is a reservation only for the program dates you have booked.  We expect that you will attend the two dates advertised for each program.  If you wish to transfer your booking to other dates as advertised, then you must advise us of this more than 5 business days before the commencement of the first session.  Transfers will only be allowed where there are vacancies available in alternative programs and you provide us with sufficient notice to make arrangements for replacement participants in the program. With sufficient notice (more than 5 working days) we will accept your request without additional charges.  Transfers requested with less than 5 business days’notice, may incur an additional $100 administration fee.

Participants may not switch the second day of their booked program without providing documented evidence that they were unable to attend as per VicRoads  requirements (eg Doctor’s certificate or the like).  If you have attended the first session and need to transfer your second session to a later date you may incur an additional transfer fee of $100. We will only grant these types of transfers where there are vacancies in future sessions and these transfers do not disadvantage other participants.  If you cannot attend the second session and do not advise us in advance, you will forfeit all fees paid.

Communication with VicRoads

Odyssey House Victoria will provide information to VicRoads and to the courts in relation to your completion of the Behaviour Change Program and any referral recommendations our facilitators make.  We will collect and use your information for the purposes of our internal reports and for any VicRoads Program evaluation processes.

Feedback, evaluation and complaints

You will be offered a feedback and evaluation form at the conclusion of the program. This will allow you to provide confidential feedback to us and/or to VicRoads at the end of the second session.

Visit the VicRoads website for further information on getting your license back or contact VicRoads on 131 171.

Calendar of courses for 2018

Courses run over two sessions on two separate days. Participants must complete both days.

  • Drink Drive

    Contact us to enquire.

  • Drug Drive

    To enrol, please contact the Student Coordinator on (03) 8537 7112.

    11/1/19 & 18/1/191PM – 4:30PMRichmond
    25/1/19 & 1/2/191PM – 4:30PMRichmond
    4/2/19 & 11/2/191:30PM – 5PMFootscray
    8/2/19 & 15/2/191PM – 4:30PMRichmond
    18/2/19 & 25/2/191:30PM – 5PMFootscray
    22/2/19 & 1/3/191PM – 4:30PMRichmond
    8/3/19 & 15/3/191PM – 4:30PMRichmond
    18/3/19 & 25/3/191:30PM – 5PMFootscray
    22/3/19 & 29/3/191PM – 4:30PMRichmond

  • Please note that participants must complete both days listed.